Tango 21 August 2019

Aug 21, 2019

Beat: and (w) one (m)

Direction Of toe is direction of movement

Weight ball of foot to push floor and get momentum. Don’t pull body forward then pull legs after.

Be aware of your own body.

Dance to the musical phrase.


Side step left,

dissociate by pushing left shoulder forward as moving right foot forward.

Two steps: right, left, but keep left shoulder forward in anticipation of woman cross.

Lead to cross: don’t rush woman into cross, her cross step is one whole beat, man’s left foot is forward, right foot which is behind is on tip of toe .

Roll back on right foot draw woman to right (forward ocho?)

Roll forward weight on to left foot to free up right foot, then slight turn to right (cw, weight on left) and sacada woman with right foot.

Rotate woman around right shoulder but keep her close to shoulder. Keep left hand up and in centre of line between chests.

Woman ends up side by man facing same way; but halfway through woman’s move, man starts turning clockwise on right foot until facing woman where man’s chest is level with woman’s right shoulder.


Windows Explorer contains Office 365 OneDrive folder for work but no personal folder.

Mouse right-click on the work Office365 folder to display the context menu.

Select “Settings”

Under the OneDrive tab select “Add an Account”.

Follow the instructions to add the personal microsoft account – which has 5GB of storage without a paid account.

The personal OneDrive folder will appear in Windows Explorer if the microsoft account is valid.

Trying to take a screenshot of a context menu in Windows 10 , and keeping multiple screenshots on the clipboard before pasting can be achieved as follows.

  1. Display the context menu e.g. right click on a folder in Windows explorer
  2. Enter simultaneously on the keyboard: Win-key, shift, S. This will display the screenshot menu at the top of the screen, but the context menu will still be visible.
  3. Select the screen shot by positioning the cursor on the screen, click and hold muse left button, move cursor to bottom right cornet of area and release left mouse.
  4. Enter on keyboard simultaneously the two keys: win-key-V

To get under the grubby edge of the machine top, I slid out the machine and took off the top – easy access.

I also cleaned around the push buttons using a cheap toothbrush.

I cleaned out the detergent tray using some new bottle brushes, Viakal and a thin screwdriver The result was pretty good.

I also wiped down the door with Viakal to remove the hard water scale. Maybe I will flush the whole machine tomorrow evening with soda crystals and vinegar (I need to check that).

Several websites indicated weak acid and bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) if added to the drum simultaneously would neutralise (acid-base), so I ran one 90C cycle with a container of citric acid, then another 90-c cycle with a container of bicarb. When the machine was draining I noticed, when I glanced through the window, loads of steam . This was because the waste pipe had not been fixed to the outlet bend and the drain water was not going down the pipe but discharging all over the ground outside. How long has that been happening? I need to get some pipe weld glue (or something equivalent) to secure the pipe to the bend – it’s push fit for now and shouldn’t come out unless knocked.

TV bracket

Aug 9, 2019

I wanted a swing-out TV bracket for the lounge so I could position the screen depending on where I was sitting. I had bought a bracket which was very heavy and a fixed 15 degrees forward tilt which was unsuitable for my small lounge. I returned the bracket at a cost of £11 postage. Ouch!

The new bracket was more compact, still rather heavy, but much more flexible in terms of fixing options than the first bracket.

The bracket took me 2 hours to fix securely to the existing plywood fixing. I wanted to try to get the bracket as level as possible so I took my time. I used m6 bolts with loctite nuts to fix the back plate as I felt this was more secure than using screws. The weight of the bracket caused it to rotate, so I used one screw to counteract this twisting without needing to bear weight. This seems to have worked well.

I’m developing the technique to cut this sheeting to size. There are a few awkward slips which are only noticeable up close. Overall, I’m happy with the result and its effect.

Repair DVD

Aug 2, 2019

DVD would not open.

I found a YouTube video

DVD repair

that showed there is a slot underneath the player that can be slid to release the disk tray. the video also indicated most opening problems could be fixed by lubricating the tray edges, where the tray slid out.