A bit fiddly to get the elasticated edge of the ear pad to fit into the slot around the “ear piece” but it appears to be secure.


Close your eyes and it could almost be the Costa Plonka. The smallest hint of sun, the smallest stretch of sand, and the Brits are out there .

Ignore the algae, it’s the seaside! Well, the Thames Estuary – but there are whelks!

Roasted Parsnip soup

Jun 7, 2020

From BBC Good Food: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/spicy-roasted-parsnip-soup

All the ingredients mixed
Vegetable stock added and all blended. The blackspots are peppercorns. I should have ground those before adding. Very tasty soup, though.

Hopefully will get some fresh veg in a couple of months.

Relief !

I have a gently tilted stand on which my laptop stands. Under the stand are three fans to cool the base of the laptop. Unfortunately, the laptop slipped on the polished aluminium. So I cobbled together a couple of clips made from unused plastic gutter clips.

Cut apart using a Dremel cutting wheel.
Stuck together using mitre glue for instant adhesion, then some epoxy resin to make the joint more substantial. This combination of mitre glue to hold everything in place before adding epoxy seems to work well.
Held in place with zip ties
Neat job

Wash day blues

Apr 17, 2020

Came down to kitchen this morning to discover a puddle in front of the washing machine.

So I pulled out the machine

And found the puddle was in front of the machine. Maybe the water somehow was spilled by me last night, had run on the floor and the machine isn’t leaking . I will take the top off and run a short fill, spin, drain cycle and see if I can spot a leak. At least the water hasn’t got into the kitchen cabinets and swelled the horrible, nasty, cheap chipboard the carcasses are made from.

Finally, some flowers

Apr 12, 2020

Very delicate “splodges” of colour among “structural elements”. Maybe some veg will go in tomorrow !