Jul 31, 2011

So … I am doing some “background” explorations of mathematics, those areas I feel I am shaky on, those that I feel could help in my explanations. Some off-the-top-of-my head topics are:

Limits applied to infinite series, real functions (on punctured domain) and differentiation

Complex Analysis – probably best approached after a bit of hard word put in Spivak: Calculus. This seems to be rigorous enough as a “Analysis” grounding

Combinatorics: For the “how many ways can a man not sit next to his wife or butler unless it is a Tuesday?” type question

Number theory and integer/modular arithmetic

Logic – how do I write a valid proof?

Vector functions – for when I get round to electromagnetism

These are all topics I did study *mumble* years ago but could do with a bit of a refresh

Latex – not maths as such but better for writing and communicating maths . So from:

\Large{\frac{-b \, \pm \, \sqrt {{b^2} \, - \, 4ac}}{2a} }

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