Getting to grips with this WordPress thing

Jul 31, 2011

So ….

as I understand it: develop/release/support the software that can be hosted, well, where one can host things is a hosted WordPress “web” application – ooh, what’s the word? a “cloud” application? So I just load up the content and don’t worry about where the application or data actually are

I also have a (Google) Blogger account but at this point WordPress seems to “group” all the content a bit more slickly, whereas Blogger seems to promiscuously spawn new blogs with new URLs when I want to add a new category. I’m sure that’s not correct but that’s my first grasp. I’m sure WordPress and Blogger can both be made to jump through the same hoops. Maybe the integration between Blogger and Picasa is tighter than between WordPress and Picasa but I need to explore that.

Idea: maybe useful to have a simple link (email?) (client) to upload content to blog from mobile phone.

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