Aug 27, 2011

Have installed this as “button” on Google chrome toolbar / extensions. Had to configure with userid / password and API URL (some .php extension to the blog’s URL)

Push the button in Chrome’s extensions and up pops this editor. I’m sure there are lots of powerful facilities – but this “direct entry” will do for now

2 Responses to “ScribeFire”

  1. cliverlong Says:

    Oops ! this seesm to have inserted code for advert in my blog entry – and I can’t find where that is – so I can’t hack it out

    Also I think, scribefire now have my blog userid and password so can browse my blog – will have to change those I think

  2. OK, so its seems that the adverts are being inserted automatically by, see:

    Which makes sense as this is a route to pay for the service.

    Makes my blog look a bit naff. However, as it isn’t a public blog, I will live with it

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