PC video editing

Jun 27, 2012

Avidemux – Main Page

At last! I was pretty certain that the free / open source application, avidemux, contained more than I needed to edit videos to remove extraneous trailers and to reformat them for a portable video device. I had  already downloaded the application to my Windows 7 laptop. Although the application installed easily and ran well under Windows, the data residing on another server resulted in avidemux copying the video file (over the network) to the laptop, processing it and copying the changed file back to the server – very time-consuming. I really wanted the application to run on my Linux Debian server that held the files on its local hard disk. I found the packages impossible to install under Debian – however with the latest Debian distribution, all I needed to do was add a 3rd – party repository. Then the Debian /Linux package manager, Synaptic, located, pulled in and installed the correct files for avidemux under Debian. The avidemux interface under Debian Linux looks very similar to Windows and runs, ooh, 10? 20? times faster than copying the files between the machines. I have “trimmed” quite a few avi files in about 2 hours, a 1 Gbyte avi file typically takes 2 minutes to save.

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