Logitech Harmony remote control

Jul 3, 2012

Harmony® 600 Remote Setup Selection

This is a “standard” remote control using IR (infra-red) to signal to the (several) devices to be controlled. I purchased the model 600, the remote with a black-and-white screen that controls 4 devices. The colour-screen remote control was considerably more expensive. The setup of the remote was reasonably straightforward. Firstly, I created an “Logitech Harmony” account on the Logitech website. This launched a very clear graphical application.The remote connects to the PC with a USB cable. I then entered the device make and device number and the Logitech application sent a request for to the online database to find my device. None of mine were found so I used the original remote to send IR codes to the Logitech Harmanoy by pointing one at the other and pressing, say, the Power button. After the application prompted for two or three different buttons to be pressed on the original remote. Quickly a full set of codes for the remote had been selected from the database. The last step was to sync (synchronise) the learned codes which downloaded the required codes from the Logitech database through the PC and the USB cable into the Logitech remote. This download took about 30 seconds. The whole process sounds clumsy and time-consuming but once you get the hang of it it is easy to use and fairly quick. Also you can modify codes later. For example I set the volume control to always and only change the volume on the amplifier for every device being controlled by the Logitech. This seems strange but it is a really useful feature to “draw together” the operation of several devices.

For the few days I have used it, the Harmony 600 remote control seems to send the correct codes to each device for each button pressed. If I find a button does not work correctly it is easy to use the original remote and the Harmony application to correct the code that the Harmony remote needs to send to the TV or DVD player. I am currently controlling a Toshiba TV, a Toshiba DVD Blu-Ray player, a BT Vision PVR and an (old)  Yamaha amplifier.

I have not yet used the “Activites” features which I believe allows several actions to be undertaken when only one button is pressed on the remote the simplest being to power off all devices which one button press rather than switching off each device separately.

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