Tiling around in-place toilet

Jul 5, 2012


Although not so apparent from this distance, it is fiddly to tile around a bathroom fitting that cannot be easily moved. Although I had an isolating valve installed on the water supply to the cistern, I thought that it would be tricky to remove the cistern given rusted screws and possibly leaking water seals if I dissembled the lot. So I left the cistern in place and tiled around it trying to get tiles to “slide” behind the fitting. This sort-of worked but 2 of the cut tiles do not lie flat and look a bit distracting up close. The tiles are not in a very visible area so I will forget about them soon enough. It is that tile in middle of wall that annoys me. Subject of a different post. Also, radiators were rubbed down and primed.


Here they stand in shed 3 🙂 drying.


I had fairly good stab at rubbing down the rust – lots of it in inaccessible places. For the two years this bathroom might last, I hope they won’t rust through and leak! At least some heat in the bathroom this winter!


Finally, the shelf is undercoated and painted with satinwood white paint. Good job to get that done in a day. At last! No more containers on the bathroom window cill. Oh joy!



I will put first undercoat on radiator tomorrow, the weather forecast is very wet.


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