Radiator spots

Jul 10, 2012

Almost impossible to believe but the primed and undercoated radiators now sporting a rash of little rust spots. Who ordered that? Rubbed down every fucker and reprimed. Should have taken a commemorative photo! If the spots erupt again should I dump the rads? How long do I want this ‘temporary’ bathroom to last? Will the rads leak before the bathroom is all ripped out and replaced?

Bought some plastic edging that goes under the title of ‘cloaking profile’ (made by Klingons?) to fill the 4 cm gaps at several points too wide to be filled by mastic, especially the¬† top edge. The big question there is will the’ instant adhesive’, well, adhere?

Just watched ‘ The Debt’ a remake of an Israeli film. Starred Helen Mirren and Tom Wilkinson. The scenes set in East Berlin flat gripping and claustrophobic. Ok, an implausible ending, but a top-notch Friday evening film.

Mastic at Anne’s tomorrow and I’ll probably mastic and grout at home. Will I be brave enough to look at the rads?


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