Tiling around pipework

Jul 15, 2012



The pipework supplying water to the radiator and the bath is boxed in. When the old tiles were removed, the hardboard underneath was, unsurprisingly, damaged. I had bought replacement hardboard. That was tacked on to the wooden frame and old adhesive removed from the existing undamaged board. Unfortunately the resulting tiling surface was not flat with tiles wildly rocking when placed in some areas. But no way was I going to rip out and replace the frame. After a few abortive attempts to stick some tiles I stuck the ones lying vertically using great dollops of mastic. Expensive but very effective. I have hung the vertical tiles using conventional tile adhesive. The next job is to fix the cloaking edging on the wide gap at the top of one row of tiles. I will drill some narrow holes between the tiles. Then plug the holes using matchstick and nail in some small tack nails below the edging. The idea is these tacks will support the weight of the edging while the adhesive sets. I’m going to try a line of evostick impact adhesive and a line of grab adhesive. Hopefully the pin nails will provide enough support while the adhesive sets and the adhesive, well, adheres.

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