Weribee B24 restoration

Dec 22, 2012

Bill helps out at an aircraft hanger in Weribee, where a World War 2 B-24 bomber is being restored. The place is described by Bill as a “huge men’s shed” full of delightfully corroded and neglected pieces of aviation hardware


.. ah yes, I was wondering where the rotating flange distributor, with the incising modification, from an Avro Avalanche had got too ..

that are painstakingly brought back to some sort of life by retired tradesmen

2012-12-18 12.32.10

and others of a practical bent

2012-12-18 10.50.50

.. to the man in the green tea-shirt, I would stand well back if I was you ..

where much banter is exchanged


another tea-break is required

and work proceeds at a steady pace.

2012-12-18 12.32.39

.. hmmm, how come I have one of these left over ?

More images and videos .

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