Hotel Number 8, KL

Jan 1, 2013

There seem to be loads of places to stay on the short walk from the monorail station Bukit Bitang.

2013-01-01 12.32.37

The reception staff at the hotel/hostel were polite and warm if a little reserved. This might be a national characteristic. I found it is a lot easier to call and arrange a room. Email communication is a bit unreliable, in that they still thought I had reserved 3  rather than 2 because of the 2 am (!) Flight on friday .

I have had lunch at an open air café opposite the hotel.


6 ringgit (£1.50?)  for noodles, soup, fish balls and hot, hot, chilli.

2013-01-01 11.40.02

It is fairly humid in KL and chillis with lunch are a killer combination. When talking to the waiter I left my phone on the table. Luckily it was still there when I realised what I had done. Will I never learn about taking care of this bloody phone? Definitely a cheap “travel ” phone into which I can put my sim is needed.

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