Waiting for bus to KL zoo

Jan 2, 2013

As I am at the “city limits” English is less widely or well spoken. I could take a taxi from Wangsa Maju (english snigger) station, but I seem to have established by pointing at a picture of a tiger that the U34 is the bus I need

Bus to KL zoo

Bus to KL zoo

At 1RM it will be an interesting tour. The U34 bus seems to have a very irregular schedule. Will there be taxis at the zoo exit as a fall back route? Worry, worry, fret.

.. Later ..

Well I have been to the zoo. There is a great advantage here that the vegetation is very lush so a “sympathetic” environment can be created for the animals. An old enclosure, I think it had been for the bears, was being demolished. A lot of concrete was being removed. There was one mixed enclosure that contained zebra, giraffes,


ostriches and maybe some other animals. This enclosure was built with quite a bit of vegetation and to my mind that felt a “better ” setting in which to see the animals.

I took a taxi back to wangsa (snigger) maju station for 20 RM (£5) because I couldn’t be bothered to sit around for 30(?) minutes for the bus to arrive. Ooh, splash that cash!

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