Access to KL Sentral Station from monorail (Jan 2013)

Jan 3, 2013

As throughout KL, there is a vast amount of office building near KL Sentral carried out by men in flip flops, vests and shorts. To get between the mono rail station and the main KL Sentral you need to walk by the site works. There are no clear, permanent direction signs only occassional printed sheets of paper stuck on posts, like a treasure trail, with a big arrow showing the way to the station. When I arrived first at KL, I wandered around asking people where the MR is. At one point I had to walk through a basement area which had a jumble of coaches, buses, taxis with no clear organisation our route. thankfully I left the big case at the airport. I think the MR station is bring extended across the road and will terminate inside the KL Sentral, as do most rail lines currently. In fact, most lines are accessible by gates opening onto the main, central concourse. So, apart from the current monorail confection, KL Sentral is an effective transport hub.

I think that UK cities during the Industrial Revolution must have been places with a similar jumble of new development sweeping away the old.

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