National museum, KL

Jan 3, 2013

The museum is a lovely airy, modern building built in a traditional style. The museum building is about 200 metres from the KL Sentral station. However, because of the construction works between the museum and KL Sentral station, the museum is almost inaccessible by foot (Jan 2013), except by navigating the space between the building sites and busy roads.

Navigating from KL Sentral to the National Museum

Navigating from KL Sentral to the National Museum

There will be a better connection when the construction is finished.

The museum exhibits trace the history of Malaya with a lot of early history being taken up by warring between factions. There are many swords and daggers on display. A lot of display is actually information boards. I fathomed the european occupiers were the Portuguese, Dutch, British then the Japanese. I read what happened with various toing and froing between the colonial powers .I didn’t find a narrative explaining why the europeans were in Malaya but I guess it was all connected to: spices, tin, rubber and coffee. There is one cabinet containing a Japanese soldier’s helmet, uniform and telephone. There was little explanation on this Japanese exhibit.

The museum café sells a wide range of Malay food, including five types of dried fish at 1RM (25p) per portion. How are the locals so small and slight? Maybe 5RM is a lot to pay for lunch. I, however, wearing with a white T-shirt, shorts, black socks and trainers look like a cross between an American and a walrus in summer leisure wear. Why anyone buys MacDonalds crap (other processed crap is available), when you can get food of this quality and variety, baffles me.

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