The march of aeroplane technology

Jun 16, 2013

The flight from Heathrow to Miami was on an American airlines 777. I guess the plane is about 15 years old. What really struck me was how crude the in flight entertainment system was. Compared to the gleaming A380, the screen was small, the selection of content limited, the films were played at intervals rather than on demand. Now, to have a personal video screen is a great thing but my expectations have been raised. The few times I have flown AA it has seemed a tired airline.

However, I still truly find the idea of sitting in a metal tube for a few hours one is transported thousands of miles, hopefully safely, with almost an expectation of safety, without taking it for granted, of course, a minor, no a major, miracle.

Of course, it is no miracle, it is the product of a century of endeavour, hard work, application of science and technology, some tragedy and just a dream to be in the skies that has got us here.

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