Jun 22, 2013

Mary has had her bag stolen from the truck. Her bag contained her passport, phone, ipad and camera. We had all jumped out of the van at a service station for a pee. esteban has also had his bag containing his laptop and $1,000 stolen. The driver had his documents stolen. the security video showed another vehicle parked alongside & within a minute had opened our van and stolen the contents. Steve’s camera was safe. We had to wait an hour or so for the police to arrive. We have gone to the police station to file a report so that Mary can claim against her insurance.


Waiting, waiting at the police station.

I had a bag stolen in Barcelona as a result of a moments inattention. I suppose all the good advice about taking care of one’s belonging, not taking too many valuables always applies. But it is too easy if one is on holiday and relaxed to not always be thinking about one’s possessions and security. I suppose the key thing its to split up one’s possessions, take items one would not be too distraught losing and those vital items such as credit cards, phone and passports have copies or duplicates for emergencies. You can be an experienced traveller and and moment’s inattention can result in an problem.

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