Surfing near San Juan del Sur

Jun 26, 2013

We went to a surf beach about 30 minutes from SJDS with two guys who work for Dario . Most of the travel was off road. The beach was wide and the ride was low. There were done rocks in the centre of the beach. Lesson one was to know the beach, how regular are the waves, where are the hazards which would disappear when the tide comes in, is the beach wide with space for everyone? We were shown how to place ourselves on the board, to paddle when the wave was arriving, to shuffle walk to avoid sting rays,  to cover our heads and faces when off the board to avoid being hit by the loose board etc. Then we went in the sea. Rachel and Steve managed to catch waves and stand up, but I only caught three waves and couldn’t stand up. I felt unbalanced on the board like the first time on a bike. I did ride three waves while lying down and that was a lively experience. However, it was an enjoyable experience and if I had easy access to a beach with warm water and regular waves I would try it again.

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