Little Corn

Jun 30, 2013

Or Likkle Caaarn in the local dialect is reached by a speedy launch from Big Corn at some time after the scheduled departure time.
Little Corn is even more a beach paradise and laid back than Big Corn, if such a place is imaginable. All destinations are reached by foot. Make sure you bring low denomination bank notes as it can be difficult to get change for a 10 dollar note.
Steve and I met up with Clifford at the jetty who took us to Graces Place.


Which is by the beach


as is everywhere.

Our lodging for $15 per night is a simply furnished shed, with an adjoining toilet shed and shower shed.


At 1pm we went snorkelling where we met Mike and Erin a lovely young American couple from Arizona. They had driven around Nicaragua for 2 weeks going to similar places to us.
The reef hosts thousands of fish of many sizes, shapes and colours especially blues and vibrant yellows. It is lovely just to float on the surface and sure the fish swim by. The boat went over to a site called the Water Hole where bigger species live. Erin, Steve and myself in turn came back to the boat as we felt anxious although logically we were completely safe. Mike stayed with the other guide and had a (pun) whale of a time. He is an experinced diver and more familiar with the conditions. The boat moved back to shallower waters where one guide took me around and we saw the same (beautiful) fish but swimming in graceful shoals.
Steve was dissatisfied with the pictures from the under water camera but hopefully he has kept a few which I hope to post.
If you do come to Little Corn bring small denomination bank notes and the torch you have carried around Nicaragua but not yet used, some if the paths are unlit at night. Maybe I will become a distributor for the solar powered garden lights sold at B&Q.

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