Return Corn Island to Managua

Jul 2, 2013

The Corn Island flight left bag on 8am after bring told by the taxi driver maybe 8:15, maybe 8:30 with maybe a touch down at Bluefields .. Anyway, the flight was direct and the sky pretty clear so I took a decent photo of Big Corn .

When I arrived at Managua a large group of kids was checking in so I decided to get some breakfast first. Mistake. The breakfast of bacon, eggs and coffee was tasty and at least it wasnt a sandwich. When I went to check in the queue was relatively short and with considerable help I navigated to automatic check-in machine. I had been allocated a middle seat. Bugger! I asked to be moved and was told the flight was full. Shoulda stood in line and checked in earlier. The Miami to Newark flight has given me a window seat. I better not drink too much.

Air side in Managua Airport there is a small café restaurant so it would have been possible to eat here.


The airport gates are simple but clean and air conditioned without being too cold.


The “Duty Free” starts at USD30 for the most basic blended whisky so I have given that a miss.
There is no free wifi at the departure gates, only secured wifi that serves the shops, so no browsing of emails while waiting, unfortunately.

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