Digging for victory

Aug 6, 2013

The edge of the hard paving at the back of the house has finally started to collapse into the herb garden below it. The retaining wall, such as it is, was made from bricks that have disintegrated due to water saturation, probably. As a result the paving slabs started to come loose. The whole area is not exactly beautiful but I needed to make the area safe. A labourer, Ovi, is coming on Friday to lay the replacement paving bricks which being made of concrete, should be much harder wearing. I lifted the loose paving slabs. I took the opportunity to dig out the plants and weeds from the soil bed. I rediscovered a chive and thyme plant among the choking weeds.


I realise when the weeds get too established in a plant bed, just dig out everything and separate the wheat from the chaff. There will be a better overall result. The herb soilbed has many pieces of broken brick in it. I will buy a sieve tomorrow and Oliver will sieve the top soil to clear out the stones then add compost. After Ovi does a good job on Friday, I will buy a couple more herb plants for variety and gap filling. Oregano would be good. But is it hardy to British winter?


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