Filling cracks

Aug 23, 2013

Another post that would benefit from the before and after photos. So this will have to act as a reminder. Crazy paving is a particularly ugly surface but by word it is hard wearing. However poor grouting between the paving slabs breaks away leaving gaps for weeds to grab hold.

I power washed the weeds which dislodged the fragile mortar. Then I used some remaining cement and sand to make a basic mortar that I brushed into the gaps and cracks. Larger holes were pre filled with shingle. I then applied the mortar dry so it would go deep in the cracks. Then added some water and some more dry mortar after the wet mixture had settled. It is not pretty but I hope it hardens before the day of rain due tomorrow.


The idea behind all of this work is to close the gaps where weeds might get a hold.

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