Thoughts on building

Sep 3, 2013

I guess, unless you are reproducing a proven building design, there are hundreds of design details to be worked through and documented. Maybe building a scale model, which its time consuming and expensive helps the client visualise details, otherwise not apparent in drawings however detailed, that might need changing. For example, in the shed I think out would have been better to carry the decking around the outside of the building rather than putting ply right across the back. This would have been visually better and allowed ventilation under the wood stack. However, this might have been slightly trickier, and hence expensive, to build. Also, this would have allowed reason water to drain easily. I will compromise by building a platform for the fire wood logs, a bit like a light-weight pallet to raise the logs off the ply. Also I will put some plastic washers through the ply to achieve water drainage. Hopefully that will work.


One Response to “Thoughts on building”

  1. Caitriana MacDonald Says:

    Hi Clive,

    I think that you have done really well with the shed, so far. Well done,
    Caitriana x

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