The joy of home brew

Oct 24, 2013

Yeast, even dried yeast, goes “off”, in that water and sugar won’t activate it. So from now I will prepare a “starter” bottle to ensure the yeast in active and reproducing before adding it to the fruit must. So following Tella’s recommendation, I bought some new yeast from, a budget hardware store, that has a branch in Wood Green, about 5 miles from home.


A homebrew website recommended TO create a starter bottle then add the fruit juice to this. So I used 3 demi-johns, some filtered water and some standard granulated sugar. The bubbles came within half an hour and I decanted some of the fruit juice, then some more  and cross-mixed etcetera to make a murky broth that was slowly bubbling away in the demi-johns.



Finally the brew was all poured back into the large fermentation vessel, all 4 gallons of the stuff. And here is the joyous result

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