Walk in Ally Pally and coffee with Keith in Crouch End

Dec 20, 2013

Second day off from work after a mammoth struggle attempting to reconnect over wifi the printer/scanner to my laptop. God, sometimes I think I will throw the bloody technology out of the window. What did I do to bugger up the connection? Ok, I could get it working over a USB connection but that isn’t nice, it isn’t clean. And a sore shoulder after the incident with the XJ6.

So, in late December, the sky is clear and bright. I am going for a walk. I called Keith and it turns out he had arranged to go Crouch End for a chiropractitioner session on his back. It really helps he finds. We arranged to meet by the Clock Tower.

I took the train to Alexandra Palace and walked up the hill.


The great landmarks at Ally Pally (Alexandra Palace, the much-burned-down-financially-mismanaged-and-neglected) are the exhibition / concert hall




and the original BBC TV transmission tower. I think it was used to transmit 405-line Open University TV programmes until the 1980’s (?).


From the level of the exhibition hall much of London can be seen



Around the hall is a decent sized park


Popular with walkers and families



Meeting Keith at the Crouch End clock tower, I suggested we went to Zer Cafe Restaurant, which looked like it had a Turkish twist and wasn’t a chain. Well, if you are in Crouch End go to this coffee shop. It has a great vibe. Relaxed, without being forced uber-trendy, great for two clapped-out rockers. I had Halloumi cheese, spinach and a poached egg with filter coffee. Good for the soul. The good professor had latte, toast and jam and charmed the exquisite and gracious waitress. He just can’t leave it alone.


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