I have given good shed today

Dec 28, 2013

Ok. This is the last “patch up” of the shed roof before a major overhaul when I can be guaranteed a dry weekend. The idea this time was to identify those junctions and gaps where water could be entering, then seal them with wide flashband. A youtube video suggested I could heat the tape to melt the bitumen slightly with a hot air stripper and improve adhesion but not use a gas torch.

Well I only had a gas torch

so I took a chance with that. I have caught the surface of the tape in a few places but I don’t think that has compromised the effectiveness of the tape.

And here are the pictures of the finished result.



So that cost £30 for the tape and about 2 hours of work.


One Response to “I have given good shed today”

  1. Keith Says:

    Go boy GO!! K

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