Coffee and walnut cake with, err, no walnuts

Feb 2, 2014

I used a straightforward BBC Good Food recipe for coffee and walnut cake (there are several). I cut down the amount of sugar and substituted some dark sugar for caster sugar. I put the batter in the tins and then in the oven. I soon realised, I hadn’t put in the walnuts. So I have decided to put them on the topping. A bit more serious, I have used 10 inch tins whereas the recipe called for 8 inch, so my sponges are a bit thin. They seem “airy” enough, so with a good dollop of “icing” they should be ok. I have a 7 inch tin so I just need to buy another from Sainsburys for when I make a layered sponge in future. I have seen a recipe for a parsnip cake that its low sugar and claims to have a less sweet topping/frosting. I will give that a try.

The topping is made from butter and icing sugar and is fantastically sweet. I put in the recommended coffee which made the topping really runny. I amtrying to combat the runniness by freezing the cake. Maybe I should have used the coffee extract recipe ?


One Response to “Coffee and walnut cake with, err, no walnuts”

  1. cliverlong Says:

    It all was eaten by the MPW munchkins in about 3 hours – so couldn’t have been that awful ..

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