A few days in Hamsterjam

Apr 3, 2014

A few days in Amsterdam. Accommodation aboard the MPS Holland near the Nemo science centre



In the lounge area of MPS Holland

had been found by the Reverend Lindon


Professor Lindon ready for a day tramping the streets of Amsterdam, tracking down evidence of the Third Anglo-Dutch War (1672-1674)

About half an hour’s leisurely walk north-west of the Central Station is “Het Schip” social housing development, built in the “Amsterdam Style”  which is a flowing, Art Deco, Arts-and-Crafts style of architecture


“Het Schip” social housing in Amsterdam. The view is obscured by a poorly placed tree.

the Post Office which is right at the apex of the building as you approach has some jolly touches, particularly the phone booth which mimics a telegraph pole, with telegraph wires and birds and insulators on the wires in the glazing


Near The Ship architectural housing development is WesterPark a “location for creatives”, built, appropriately on the site of an old gasworks. Still a lot of gas being produced. However, the building were distinctive and there were many cafes.

2014-04-02 13.04.35

A café in the WesterPark area


What interested me most was that the Dutch had built a gas works decorated with polychrome brick.

Entertaining jazz at the Casablanca bar Zeedijk 26E, 1012 AZ Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2014-04-01 22.28.57 2014-04-01 22.24.47
Links to Google Drive pictures here

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