Shed dry again

Aug 6, 2014

First real test of shed with the heavy rain last night.


200 litre water butt almost filled fromempty

No sign of water in the shed. A relief.


Previously the threshold to the shed would be soaked with water as rain leaked in. now it has remained dry. I will pop out in the rain to see the gutters in action.

I probably come across as less than ecstatic about this positive outcome. I have some small satisfaction that I correctly isolated the problems and came up with effective solutions. But to fix all the leaks took far too long, cost far too much and ultimately should have been unnecessary since the errors were basic and could easily have been avoided when the thing was built. It is disappointing when you pay a lot of money to people you believe know what they are doing and they turn out to be incompetent. I wish I had kept a photo of the roof beams that had been cut to slivers at their ends and were cracking to the point of failure. Again completely unnecessary to make that way and costly to fix.

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