Oil slick

Oct 17, 2014

There is an old adage. “How much paint should I put in the can?” Answer. “As much as you are prepared to clear up if you spill it.” I decided to perform an oil change on the Virago as the oil looked pretty black through the little circular window near the bottom of the sump. Well, I laid out newspaper under the “oil trap” but I should have laid it much, much wider. The oil came out with a real rush and spilled over the lip of the collector. I should have had the oil collector standing inside a big tray. I spent about two hours after using newspaper to blot up what oil I could from the driveway and then went to buy a gallon of engine degreaser. I poured a fair amount of degreaser on the soiled parts, let it soak then brushed it. A white emulsion formed which turned grey when I washed it down with the water from the water butt. I used gallons of water, which will be replaced by the rain forecast tonight. I washed the tyres on the bike with concentrated car shampoo and put a heavy layer of sand down where I had cleaned up the oil. Hopefully I have cleared most of the oil. I will do a pressure hose of the whole driveway in a couple of weeks.

The Virago’s engine is covered with a layer of old oil and grime (inevitable with the exposed engine of a bike) so tomorrow I will get up ear and degrease the engine with the engine degreaser I have left. this is a job I have had in the back of my head and now is a good time to do it. Opportunity for some before-and-after photos.

The new  (post-theft) motorcycle cover is in place and a steel cable runs through it to the chain on the big Yamaha. I think the new rain cover with its “Property of Clive Long” painted in slightly runny white gloss paint is very fetching.

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