Techy weekend

Jan 25, 2015

With Ange to the utterly dreadful Brent Cross shopping centre early Saturday morning. Luckily, we were there before the hoards and had a nice chat with a young lady in John Lewis which resulted in £200 being exchanged for a quad core Galaxy Tab . Very sleek this baby is too. It takes decent photos and runs smooth as silk. The encounter with this meant it was do or die for my £70 dual core machine. Having singularly failed to find a Cyanogenmod firmware for this device (I don’t think the chipset is rare) nor even boot in recovery mode, I decided to refresh to factory settings and only load a few multimedia apps (Kobo, and BBC iplayer and ES File Manager to get access to cloud storage). Surprise, surprise the tablet is now responsive. I am not going load too much and then use SD card storage.

Today I degreased that part of the Virago’s engine I could get access to. I will probably need John’s advice to get the plastic chain cover off so I can clean the drive shaft (?). I think the exhaust is still chuffing out some exhaust gas under the bike. I can feel it when I put my hand under the bike when the engine is running. Eventually the whole exhaust will need replacing I think I need to get the bike up on the stand again and have another look underneath. Looks like crap weather all week so little chance of taking the bike to work.

This afternoon we went to the ijig Tango salon and a most enjoyable time was had. I am getting the hang of some leg wraps. Way hay! Tonight will be a run of HD Download of Wolf Hall stored on the tablet and played on the 32 inch screen.

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