Dans le Jardin

Apr 13, 2015

I spent the last two weeks giving revision courses. I have worked the full 3 weeks in the past but I strongly feel the two weeks I spent this time was the maximum for me. I would have felt played out this week if I had attempted to teach a third week and given a below par performance.

So I’m trying to commune with nature, do battle with a few weeds and finally set free the perennial plugs I bought last year and have carefully nurtured since then (my skill at irony is rather rudimentary, dear reader). So I have split up the little plants and placed them rather haphazardly in the soil bed that has been dug and fertilizer applied. The plants look a whole lot smaller outside the pots and I have no idea how big they will fill out but some from the year before are quite substantial. I will keep the little plants well watered over the coming days from the reservoir in the two rain water butts I have.

I also moved a rhubarb plant to give it a bit more space but I hadn’t realised how far down into the soil the tap root goes which snapped as I dug out the plant. Whether the plant will produce stems this year remains to be seen.

I also patched up the patch up to the hole in the front door step using quick drying cement. 8 hours later , of course, the cement is still damp. This week I will undercoat and top coat the door step so it will look a whole pile better than it does at the moment.


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