On the way to Newark

Jun 24, 2015


Well, I didn’t sleep at all well last night, even though I felt tired. As I get older, I travel worse.

I splashed out outrageously and took a taxi direct to Heathrow with the delightful Raj from Gujarat (well, St Albans for the past 22 years).

On the Delta 767 tub there are about as many staff as passengers. OK about 20 passengers. So, so nice not to be cramped. This is a one off I realise. I paid an extra £50 for the Comfort Extra seat although on today’s flight everyone in economy could use the central 3 seats in each set as a makeshift bed. However, on a busy flight I think the extra expense would be about worth it.



The inflight entertainment system is OK. The range of films is a bit limited. I watched Interstellar again – a great movie. There is a bit more legroom compared to standard economy. Of course the seats at the front of this section of the cabin have plenty of legroom, smoke for someone even 2 metres talk. This kind of experience will make traveling on a full economy flight very stressful.

Some lovely views out of the window at about 2 hours out from Newark.

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