Journey back via Cumberland Maryland

Jul 10, 2015

Cumberland, Maryland is a seen-better-kind-of-days place. We arrived after about 10 hours of travel from Asheville. I could see Neil wasn’t very comfortable with the town where buildings were boarded up. Neil did say that he was worried about leaving the car on the street overnight. Well, it is his car. The house we stayed in was basic but just recently decorated.


We had the place to ourselves. I squashed a firefly on the wall but there didn’t seem to be much in the way of infestation. The air conditioning was very effective. Neil was sure he heard a ghost “those things can walk through walls you know”. He told me the story of a couple who recently bought a house, that are suing the previous owners because they are getting letters from a ghost saying they are being I watched. I don’t think I convinced Neil the police should expend some effort to track down this week’s nutcase.

However, I got to sleep, in the morning we weren’t murdered in our beds and the car was intact. We walked down the street to Gail’s house (the owner) where we were plied with fresh, delicious food including fresh fruit.

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