How to Install ADB Driver via PDAnet software

Jul 15, 2015

Install USB drivers on Windows 8.1 to connect Windows to Android when Android in developer mode

Lead: (version 4.18 installed)

I think this software is designed to allow Android tablet (which does not have internet connection) to use internet connection that active on Windows machine

Link Activation steps

Android USB developer mode active

Plug USB cable between android and Windows 8.1

Start PDANet+ software on Windows . In status area click on basic mobile phone icon.  Click “Connect Internet (USB) (?)

Start PDANet+ software on Android Activate USB Tether check box  (?)

Result: oversized USB symbol appears in bottom status line of Android device – connection Android-Windows established (not file sharing)?

Status in Windows Device manager?

Deactivate link Android to Windows

Android : run PDANet+ app: uncheck “Activate USB Tether”

Next step (?)

Locate Android root instruction that requires this “adb” connection between Windows and Android to be active

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