Attack the bindweed (Knotweed?)

Aug 6, 2015

Well, whatever the stuff is called, it secretes itself over everything in the garden and chokes to death what I want to grow.



So a fine day dawned, Australia all-out for 60 before lunch, gleaming headlights on the Yaris, so today was the day. There were two self-set potato plants in the compost heap,

Unfortunately the rich compost was mainly providing nutrients to the weeds. So I decided to dig out and turn the compost, remove the roots as well as I could. I have made good progress.

I have decided this autumn to turn the compost bins by 90 degrees and hide it behind the raspberry bushes. I realised early on that seeing the contents of the bin as you walk to the decking was not appealing. Access to the compost bin will be from the decking over some loosely laid paving slabs. Accessible but well hidden, that’s the idea.

One Response to “Attack the bindweed (Knotweed?)”

  1. You can pickle knotweed!

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