Continuing project garden, window repair, PC stuff

Aug 8, 2015

Today. Hacking back, getting to the roots of the weeds. Had a bright idea. Move the green fence panels on the left to replace the dilapidated panels on the right. Then new “orange” fence panels on the left. Straighten up the posts on the left being pushed over by bushes. That way improve the fencing replacing old panels and get consistent colouring both sides.

First builder today to discuss window repairs. Looking at the problem under the window as there isn’t any mould or dampness. Hacking off the existing player, sealing and rendering isn’t the way to go. I think I will get the sill removed , get external seals redone. Then see if water ingresses when it rains.

Eeebox PC is nice and neat but taking days to load Windows 7 updates, which will be a prerequisite for installing Windows 10. Currently loading 17,500 updates . performance of the box is OK. Original startup was very tricky because windows did not recognise the USB keyboard, although worked fine when running BIOS mode. Machine cannot find driver for WiFi so I am currently running an Ethernet cable from the eeebox into the WiFi extender. World fine but I want that WiFi to work so I can run the PC anywhere. Maybe the WiFi chip is faulty. It will be s pain to return three machine. I have run HD BBC iPlayer and there is a barely perceptible stutter on the video playback. Next step is to upgrade the old desktop to Windows 10 to make sure Quicken runs fine on that. Then backup eeebox, upgrade to Win 10, check Quicken again, then migrate Win10 on eeebox to SSD for fast boot. Reuse HDD from eeebox as network drive. Sell the 3.5 inch 500gb drive. Finally, finally I dismissed the latest drivers from the Asus website including the “Intel .inf” drivers. We know what they are, dont we? *shrug* anyway, the WiFi chip now works and I can discard the Ethernet tether. S always getting a PC to work. A complete palaver.

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