Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015

Aug 15, 2015

Not having a visual sensibility, I decided to go to the RA Summer Exhibition with Ange. I saw bits of the BBC promo programmes and the walls looked brightly coloured. I understood not a word the various artists used to describe their work or “motivation”. I chose to ignore the inner voices that asked “what does this picture say to you?” and just looked at the shapes and colours. (Ah, the naivety, the purity of my response). I was amazed at the variety of subjects, materials and techniques that artists used – something that doesn’t occur when you go to an exhibition of the work of one artist (not often in my case). I took photos of images I liked and I am possibly infringing copyright by posting the  images of some that I liked. I’ll take down the images if asked by someone who has the authority to do so. Given the angles these pictures were taken I don’t think I am jeopardizing anyone’s opportunity to sell the work or a copy of the image. Ooh, we are all so litigious. There is one image missing, a “hyper-real collage” of a couple in their garden and their breakfast/dining area is the only way I can describe it.

Some of the following images have been straightened with gimp image manipulation software or stitched using Microsoft ICE software. There is some incredible, free, image manipulation software out there. The main restriction is this small desktop Windows machine (only 2 x 1.86 GHz processor, pah !) takes some time to squeeze, stretch and bend an image. It will do the job though.


These chairs have polished, reflective surfaces and matt black, rough surfaces made of overlapping spherical shapes. Look closely. They are 3D mirrors of each other. Appeals to my mathematical aesthetic.


A design to build apartments into the disused structure of gas storage units around Kings Cross.


I like the flat, solid colours and the black borders that seem to give depth to the images of people.


In the landscape / architecture section, what every development needs, towers like trees with a whale swimming between them.


I like this blurred, pastel effect.


A textured surface in the architecture section.

20150814_150217 20150814_150230 20150814_134033 20150814_142928

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