A use for Windows Libraries

Aug 18, 2015

I think Windows Libraries are a list of symbolic links (short-cuts) to other folders. Why would I want a folder containing shortcuts? Currently the data I need to send to the accountant is sprayed across my D: drive and Google Drive. Since GDrive appears in Windows as a folder in C: (a Windows Explorer extension , I think) I have created a “14-15 Accountant Data” library that contains pointers to folders on the D: drive and GDrive.

i have accreted data in the same way I have accreted physical “stuff” and it is weighing me down. Methinks the way to go is to hold videos and audio files on hard disks at home and all documents (lesson plans, statement scans I will trust to GDrive). Maybe I will do an encrypted/compressed download of the GDrive data to the HDD from time to time … the point of this is the bulk data (videos mainly *) stays where it is used and not shunted around the net, whereas the data I need in spite of device and location (lesson plans) I what will go into the cloud. I feel that even paying USD 2 per month for 100 GBytes after the first 15GB (I’ll never accumulate that much data, I hope) has got to be better (more robust than home drives). Maybe next week in the evenings will be a time to do/start this.

  • Multi Commander utility has just come up with the grotesque figure of 200Gb of video data, 22GB of music (mp3) and 14GB photos on the D: drive, leaving 13GB to slim down then move to GDrive (or DropBox).

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