Virago clean up, Windows 10

Aug 27, 2015

Lloyd, the bodywork guy, suggested I could clean the rust from the wheels of the Virago using either running compound (T cut) or wire wool with WD40. I decided the TCut compound was less aggressive so I decided to try that first and revert to the wire wool for stubborn patches. The 20 year old rubbing compound had gone dry in the tin so I guessed white spirit might get the compound fluid again, and it did! A fair amount of effort and time and there has been an amazing transformation. Most of the black marks on the wheel rim have gone and where there is pitting it is so small it is invisible against the shining chrome at a reasonable distance. After cleaning the wheel Lloyd recommended in apply WD40 or chain lube to act as a waterproofing barrier. I will try to inspect the bikes every week and do this lubing by rubbing with a rag sprayed with WD40.

I have decided to try out Windows 10 on the AMD desktop with the noisy fan. As always I just want to make sure Quicken runs properly before I upgrade the main machine. Well after the screen blanking rather worryingly during the upgrade, Windows 10 loads.

Tada! New desktop

Not bad for a 10 year old machine.

One Response to “Virago clean up, Windows 10”

  1. That looks very smart! I like it….!

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