Linear Programming examples

Mar 4, 2016

Work up these:

  1. An investment company sells three types of investment and savings product: “cash-builder”, “growth” and “income”. Each investment product contains different proportions of investment. “Cash-builder” comprises: 45% cash deposits, 25% government bonds and 30% UK equities, “Growth” comprises 10% cash deposits, 15% government bonds and 75% UK equities, “income” comprises 0% cash deposits, 50% government bonds and 50% UK equities.The company has 50 million pounds of customers’ money to invest. The company is required to put at least 20% of cusotomers money into cash deposits, no more than 50% in goverment bonds and no more than 60% in UK equities.
    Constraint equations?

    If each product costs the following amount to operate for each customer, cash-builder £40, “growth” £75, “income” £55, write down the objective function.

    What is the optimum proportion of each product to be sold to achieve minimum cost?

  2.  Three electricity companies A, B, C sell electricity. One unit of electricity comprises different proprotions coal, gas, nuclear generated electricity. Limits on total number of units of each source. Copany A

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