Filling gaps – the miracle of expanding foam

Jul 16, 2016

Around one of the old window frames was a large gap in the plaster. Because of the method of construction of the frames there was a large void behind there plaster. So new plaster had nothing to adhere to. 

My approach (hope) was to fill the gap with expanded foam, the foam sticking to the frame behind the gap, giving the surface filler something to adhere to.

However the void was all down the side of the window frame so I was concerned the wet foam would slide down inside the void before sticking behind the break in the plaster.

I squashed up a sheet of newspaper and stuffed it in the hole so it didn’t slide down inside the void.

The idea was to form a temporary “plug” in the void for the expanded foam to sit upon while it solidified.

The foam filled the gap and the filler has adhered well to the surface of the foam.

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