Which stain?

Jul 26, 2016

Finally I have started to rub down and stain the floor boards. The pine is very soft and had some nasty dents in places. But i am concerned wood filler won’t take the stain on the same way as the wood, leaving a weird speckled effect. I have decided to experiment with different coloured stains and filler under the stairs as in normal use it won’t be very visible. I have tried two different “Sadolin” wood stains, Natural and Antique Pine. I am looking for a warm effect but not “unnatural”.

The stain on left looks more natural but it’s a bit green for my liking. The stain on the right looks a bit warmer and blends better with color of existing stain on the stair posts. I think I am inclined to the right-hand stain. I will have another look in the morning.

I am quite pleased with what I have achieved today. Tomorrow I will stain the rest of the hallway boards, that will disappear under the doormat, then make my decision. The antique line is a bit of a one-way journey as it is a darker tone than “natural”.

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