Horrible, nasty, bodge rubbish job 

Jul 31, 2016

Originally right in the doorway was a nasty gash across the wood grain. I wasn’t brave enough to photo it. However a zoom in to a picture of the whole floor gives you an idea.


I decided to fill with standard, stained, wood filler. The first attempt at a patch was horrible. What was I thinking?

Later staining didn’t improve matters. And the hole wasnt really filled!

The filler smeared out of the hole and the stain around it was uneven, acting as a beacon pointing at the gash.

My concern was the more I fiddled with this the worse it would look. I couldn’t bear it so I decided to give it a thorough going over. I rubbed away the filler, rubbed the stain back to wood, masked around the holes, refilled with a mixture of wood filler and lashings of wood stain. After a bit of fiddling with white spirit and restaining, it all looks a lot better, not perfect, but much better than the ghastly splurge that was there before. The result looks like a dark streak, similar to the other variability in the wood grain.

Of course the job would have been easier and much (!) quicker if I had masked off first, filled, then stained.


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