Lounge floor sanding

Aug 12, 2016

So. The lounge floor has been covered with two large dust sheets. The furniture from the dining room is now in the lounge.


The dining room floor has been (almost completely) sanded.


The boards have a grey-blue cast before sanding and they are returned to a pale pink-yellow after sanding. The goal is to get the stain and first coat of varnish applied by Monday. The weather forecast is good for Tuesday and Wednesday so I’ll probably take those days off then back on to the floor on Thursday.

The silly abrasive disks that are velcro attached to the sander


fall off after 10 minutes use, way before the abrasive has started to wear. I think this is something to do with the dust generated while rubbing down. The forces on the disk as it spins must be very high in use. It have tried washing (!) the fabric backing of the disk, and brushing the velcro and pad backing with a stiff nail brush. Neither improves the adhesion of the disk to the sander. As a result the the abrasive disk just falls off from the velcro and the pad is useless. A waste.

I could go outside and apply some decking oil as there will be light for another couple of hours. The polite response to that is I lack motivation for that activity.

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