Silly, wasteful design

Aug 17, 2016

The “Tabtronics Quantum 7” (what a name) was my first dabble into the world of tablet computing. For a decidedly budget priced device the screen quality and performance were perfectly OK. The device resisted all attempts to get rooted so I could install a more up to date firmware and applications. Anyway it has done a stalwart job as a wireless mp3 player, streaming from the disk attached to the router (a decidedly low tech configuration).

Recently the device has been rebooting even when the power was in. The battery level display was “cycling” so I guess the battery is done in. This device doesn’t have an easily replaceable battery, quite the opposite. The battery is soldered via wires to the board and you have to pull off several layers of “stuff” to get at the wires. The battery is the silver rectangular slab at the bottom of the picture. I think it would be tricky to source a replacement battery as it has no identification label. Maybe if I cut the battery power leads the device would operate more reliably when plugged into the power adapter? I would be prepared to pay £30 for a replacement battery to keep this device going as it does a fine job as a simple remote media player. Will I have to junk the device because replacing the battery looks tricky and may not even be possible? 

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