Ceiling, floor

Aug 27, 2016

The walls and ceiling in the dining room have been given a coat of “full strength” emulsion on top of the “mist” coat (50:50 water:emulsion) because informed sources say new plaster just soaks up the water, giving a very uneven finish. The following are photos of areas of this coat, they are difficult to see because it is difficult to see the contrast on the photo from the phone.

This first coat act as a “seal” before applying the finish coat. The results of this second coat are ok but I missed some patches – they can be filled in, probably tomorrow. Next coat of emulsion will be at right angles.

Here is the platform I bought for the job.


You can set the platform asymmetrically between the end ladders so it fits in a stairwell – a poor man’s scaffold. It does work , sort of, but the height gained isn’t enough to gain access to the remote parts of the stairwell, even in my little house. I have a cunning plan to produce a secure platform using the B&D workmate which is rated at supporting much greater loads than the cheap saw bench. Unfortunate incident.

I bought some “flush” handles to replace the screws on the “under stair trapdoor”

These handles are made of a quality brushed brass, not like the ghastly fakey cast hooks I bought a few weeks ago through Amazon (must put the label on that jiffy bag and send them back). The fitting of the hooks is ok but what I shoooould have done was check the diameter of the drill on a scrap piece of wood to make the hole for that recess in the third photo. I thought the smallest drill would have been too small – turns out it would have been perfect and I could have “opened” up the hole with a dremel tool if the fit was a bit tight. Anyway, it is all in place and it works but I am a bit worried about how well the screws will hold. I will bodge it by whacking some mastic at the back to act as an adhesive – it won’t be seen (on something that won’t been seen under the stairs ) and it will do an effective job – i don’t want those handle to pull off.

The final bit of floor staining and varnishing in the entrance space (it is too small to be a hall) and under the stairs is done.


The finish is a bit rough in places but it is covered by a big (strangely smelly after washing) mat.

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