Nov 23, 2016

Had a technology meltdown a few days ago. Drift helmet camera produced corrupted video files. Phone functioning as GPS wouldn’t charge when attached to  the charging cradle on motorbike – thought that was due to water ingress into charging cradle. 

Video problem was due to fake SD memory card. Amazon replaced it no probs. I have successfully recorded 2 hours of footage at different resolutions with the new SD card. 

The phone only charges on the bike when phone battery level has dropped to about 50%. So GPS worked fine on ride home tonight – the charging kicking in after 20 minutes activity.

Update: it might be the battery on the Virago is completely knackered and this results in not enough voltage delivered to the charging cradle.I have had to bump start the Virago for two weeks. I didn’t think the batterer on the Virago was THAT old, but maybe it is. I did a quick test on the XJ6 and the phone charges when attached to that. I an picking up a new battery for the Virago from Halfords on 21 December.

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