Wild Honey, Hampstead Theatre

Dec 14, 2016

Yes, theatre is a most enjoyable experience but how are you going to encourage non-regulars to go when a decent seat at a local theatre costs £36?

Hampstead Theatre is a lovely building and the view from even the cheap seats is good. 

Wild Honey is written by Michael Frayn based on an unpublished(?) play by Chekov. The first half is banter by people who are either (i) over-privileged, and cruel or (ii) honest but a bit dim. I am guessing this is a display of cleverness by the very clever Messrs Chekov and Frayn. It left me a bit cold.

The second half is a bravura performance by one of the characters who is steeped in weakness and self pity but the women can’t resist him. I think Chekov had a problem with women, he worshipped them and thought they were unobtainable or thought they were quite docile and dim.

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