Plaster patching

Jan 6, 2017

Replacement of all (yes all) the wood on the ground floor caused the plaster around the new door frames to blow. It wasn’t too large an area so I decided to patch it myself. Here is one of the areas knocked out. That piece of wood over the door frame looks short to me, Surely it should span at least half a brick either side of the frame?


With the help of youtube tutorials I decided to “seal” the bare brick with dilute PVA adhesive, apply a base layer of bonding plaster then cover with EasyFill or Finishing plaster. Here is the area after the bonding plaster has been applied.


The benefit of Easyfill is it is like Polyfilla and can be rubbed down after drying. The advantage of Multifinish is I have 2 x 25kg left over from the latest builder’s work.  Given the area to fix isn’t too big I should be able to get the plaster surface fairly level suign a plaster trowel I have lying around. The walls will be covered with heavy duty lining paper, so I will go the multifinish route. I will buy a small hand trowel to “bring up” the level of the bonding as it is tricky to apply the plaster using a palette knife/scraper, leaving  2mm depth for the finish plaster. I will use a fairly large trowel to apply the final coat of plaster to attempt to get the surface of the new plaster fairly smooth and level with the rest of the wall surface.


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