More water leaks

May 14, 2017

Well, another one of those “I must get round to that” situations. Dutifully ignored and it came round to bite me. The step into the bathroom is close to the shower curtain. I noticed the sealant between the floor and wall tiles had cracked. This morning I noticed in the kitchen a damp area underneath the first floor doorway into the bathroom.

I could not bear another leak.

I measured how far the main part of the dampness was from the side wall and I guessed the floor tile to step gap in the bathroom was letting water through when the shower was in use. I hacked out the wooden step which had been made from some skirting board offcuts. Everything was overlapping, tiles, architrave etc so it was a job to get the step out.

As I suspected, the area where the pipes rise from the floor was damp.

I am hoping it was due to the cracked sealant. I have left this area exposed to dry out. I have stuck a piece of plastic cloaking I had in the shed as a water barrier from the shower.

This goes against the wet floor idea, but hopefully will reduce the risk of wet ceiling syndrome.

When I shower I will need to put the shower mat right against this. The mat will get wet but hopefully with new sealant around the step and tiles I won’t get water ingress again to the kitchen ceiling. Oh joy

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